Re: Today’s Industrial Action

4 Oct

Re: Today’s Industrial Action

Dear 1st Year Designers

If you find it impossible to get into University today because of the Industrial Action please could you do the things below for your ‘At Home Work’.

1. Make your Website/Blog as personal and as professional as possible.
2. Add pages to it that  you think might be relevant [Typography, Visual Studies, Computer history for example]
3. Research the History of the Political Cartoon and put that information on to your website
[Remember ALWAYS say where the information came from and who wrote it, this will become your bibliography and the reference]
4. Look at other people’s Websites and post a comment on them, at least 10 before the end of the day. [constructive and thoughtful]
5. Put some of these websites on to your Blogroll using the Links widget in Appearances. [and any others you have found interesting]
6, Explore all the possibility of WordPress and have some fun with it!

Hope you have a good day and if you are not in today I will see you next week.

Best wishes



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