Wish You Were Here?

Wish You Were Here

You will work on your own on the Wish You Were Here Project, but the research for your designer/artist will help you with the Time Travel Project

Reading List

After modern art, 1945-2000 by David Hopkins.

The anatomy of design : uncovering the influences and inspirations in modern graphic design  by Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic

Design Writing Research – Writing on Graphic Design, Ellen Lupton/Abbott Miller

Black art : a cultural history by Richard J. Powell.

Graphic design history / edited by Steven Heller and Georgette Ballance.



For the Wish You Were Here brief  each student in the group has to:

Pick a designer from your time period in your Time Travel project and then research them in depth using libraries and the internet. You will the start a correspondence with them in the form of a series of postcards, letters, text messages, e-mails [or any other form of written communication you can think of.] This will be a fiction and be made up all by you, but based on all the research you have done about the artist/designer. You will also have to introduce your chosen designer to on the that will be given to you randomly.

You will be both yourself and the artists/designers in this correspondence. Your first series of post cards/letters will be to introduce yourselves. This will be easy for you but you will have to do a great deal of research for your artists/designers. After you have introduced yourselves you may want to ask a series of questions to gain as much information about each other as possible.

Each time you send a message it will need to be illustrated with either some of your own work and that of the artists/designers when they send you their correspondence. These could be drawings, photographs, stuff you have done with me, Malcolm and Anastasios or in Visual Studies or something completely new.

This correspondence will build up over the term and it should become longer and more complicated as the more you find out about your artist/designer. The first set of cards/letter could be about 100 words and towards the end could be up to 300 words. The research you will have to do for this will also help you with your Time Travel project.

Examples of postcards/Letters/email/Tweets

When you have finished your correspondence [postcards] you must then present them as a part of yourBlog2010.  They all must be able to be read easily and be in the order that they were written. You also must include a bibliography of were you got all your information from. Also you must tell each other in your correspondence where you got your information from, i.e. ‘When I read this book [insert name of book] by Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich he said, “You liked to design letter forms in your spare time”. Is this true and why did you do it?’





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