Design Histories

Welcome to the Design History Society

To those who have waited some time for a fresh website, here it is.

The Design History Society is the leading national organisation that promotes the study of design history, and brings together and supports all those engaged in the subject – students, researchers, educators, designers, designer-makers, critics and curators. The Society aims to play an important role in shaping an inclusive design history. An elected Executive Committee and Board of Trustees works together to enable the activities of the Society, and to ensure that higher education and research bodies in the UK appropriately represent design history. The Society’s activities include:

• the Journal of Design History the leading journal in the subject, and the Design History Society Newsletter

• an annual, international Design History Society Conference, hosted by different institutions where Design History is taught and researched.

• the new Design History Society Regional Seminar series, to be launched in the UK in the Autumn term of 2010

• the new Design History Society Teaching and Learning Workshop, to be launched in September 2010, to enable Higher Education educators in the UK to come together to share and discuss developing appropriate design history pedagogies for undergraduate and postgraduate levels

• an annual Research Grant, to encourage debate and research in design history

• an annual Student Essay Prize, awarded to one undergraduate and one postgraduate essay, to support and celebrate excellence in student writing in design history

• the annual Reyner Banham Lecture by leading, international critics on art, design, architecture and culture

• an Oral History Project, to record a series of interviews with designers, researchers and writers who have played a significant role in establishing and shaping design history

• a range of Resources, brought together here, from museums and archives, to sister organisations, educational establishments and current research in design history

• and the Society’s new and growing facebook group…

So join the Design History Society: Annual Membership of the Society is open to all and is available to individuals and institutions. Various benefits are included in membership; however, many events are open or free to all interested in design history.


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