Timetable for Course: Art & Design in Context [1]

Codes: DESI 1115 [3D] and DESI 1109 [GD] School of Architecture & Construction

Communication Media for Design Department.

Course Co-ordinator: Mark Ingham

Level: 1              Credit: 15/30

All sessions will be in Rooms: T401/T402 in the Tower Block. All Students MUST arrive 10 minutes before the lesson starts. Each session will consist of a lecture about a design related subject, a group seminar and a research visit to the Library.

This course is about the communication and critical comprehension of the contexts for the successful production and consumption your design practice.

Week 1 Monday               27 September               2010                     10-5               T401/T402
Introduction to the course, myself.  Introduction to WordPress.com and creating a Web presence. https://artdesigncontext1011.wordpress.com/ Set brief: The Political Cartoon

Lecture: The History and Uses of Political Cartoons.

You will ALL upload your cartoons to your web presence. Each week we will look at the blog and discuss everybody’s cartoons. To upload your images go to your own blog.

Week 2 Monday                 4 October                            2010             10-5               T401/T402
Group Tutorials/Workshops. Presentation of Draft Political Cartoons. Using your Blog. Looking at Edward Tufte and his drawings http://www.c71123.com/drawings/edward-tufte/

Lecture:  Why Study Design History? and the Contexts for Design?



Week 3 Monday                  10 October                         2010            10-5 T401/T402
Group Tutorials/Workshops. Explanation of Header sheets and Hand-in system.

Lecture: What is Design? [What is Graphic Design? What is 3D Digital Design?]



Week 4 Monday               18 October                          2010              10-5               T401/T402

[Hand in week]

Presentation of Finished Political Cartoons using your Blog

+ Finishing off and hand in Political cartoons to Mansion Site, with course header sheet. By 4pm at the lastest.

Week 5 Monday           25 October                              2010              10-5               T401/T402
Introduction to essay/postcards and Time Travel and Wish You Were Here? Briefs

Put into groups and new Blog set up for each group.

Lecture:  William Morris and Victorian Styles. http://gds.parkland.edu/gds/!lectures/history/1840/victorian.html

Week 6 Monday                01 November                   2010                  10-5 T401/T402
Group Tutorials/Workshops + Lecture:  The Bauhaus and its Legacy, Design or Dogma?


Week 7 Monday               08 November                    2010                  10-5               T401/T402
Group Presentations of Time Travel research and ‘literature/practice review’ of the era given to the group. Each group is given 15 minutes.

Week 8 Monday               15 November                    2010                  10-5               T401/T402
Group Tutorials/Workshops

Lecture: On Information Graphics and what it means to communicate?: http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/

Week 9 Monday             22 November                    2010                  10-5               T401/T402
Group Tutorials/Workshops Lecture: Referencing: and the importance of your own thoughts and ‘voice.’

A brief guide to the Harvard System

Week 10 Monday               29 November                  2010                  10-5               T401/T402
Group Tutorials/Workshops

+ Lecture:  Late Modernism 1945-1970


Week 11 Monday               06 December                     2010               10-5               T401/T402
Group Presentation of final Time Travel ‘performances’. Using The group Blog and any other means necessary to get the information across clearly and concisely.

Week 12 Monday                 13  December                     2010            10-5               T401/T402

[Hand in Day] You will use this day to construct a small portfolio of your work and upload any remaining work to your blog.

Hand in All course work and Post Card essay in an A4 ‘Portfolio’ by 4pm on Monday 13th December 2010 at Mansion Site Architecture and Construction reception with course header sheet. All work has to also be uploaded to your WordPress.com Website/Blog.


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