Hunting in the Library

4 Oct

Hunting in the Library

DESI 1109 & DESI 1115    Art and Design in Context.

Today’s tasks are to:

Find 5 books that are in some way related to your subject and some on political Cartoons.

Find out how to search for books [who should you ask? Where do you do this?]

Find out how to search for electronic books and journals.

Draw a map/plan of the library showing where each section is and what it contains. We will need to visit each section…

Find the computers that have programs on them that you might want to use. [Photoshop etc] ask at the desk if you cannot find them.

You have to do this all in 1 hour and then over the week post all the information you found on to your website. You should have a page called bibliography that contains all the information about the sources you have gathered.


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